Call me X. 24. Long Beach, California. Fiction Fiction Fiction and bro-bashing here.


gorillas don’t know any bodybuilding techniques so we have probably never seen one at full potential




8 films that explore what it really means to be indigenous

i own The Lesser Blessed and would totally recommend!!

Why haven’t I seen all of these movies?!

mizbingley replied to your photoset “Nothing a free GoT shirt, tequila, a free dinner, and good friends…”

You’re so damn cute! And things will turn around if they haven’t already.

thank you baby girl <3__<3 you sweet lets lift lobsters together 4 lyfe

it turns out an easy way to fuck up your back is san diego comic con + never having a chance to bounce back cause, shitty ass office chairs 

but can we talk about all these people who think they're too good for pop music? I mean of course you're allowed to dislike pop music, but I'm so fucking tired of those snobs who think pop music is meant to please only stupid people or whatever.

sometimes top 40 is the right choice it all depends on the moment


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