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"When I’m disappointed by a novel, why am I disappointed? And it’s really something so simple. For it to be a worthwhile novel, there has to be a reason for it to be in written language. In 1820, that was not one of the demands because there was no other option. That’s what there was as a medium. But now there are all these other mediums. I could hear a song. I could watch a film. I could be on the Internet. You have to give me a reason why you have written this down. It doesn’t have to have an elaborate literary structure. Some of the most simple books… you could make into a movie, but you would be losing something. It had to be in sentences. The sentences were necessary. That’s all people want from fiction, right? The feeling of it being necessary."

Zadie Smith (via mttbll)

Absolutely yes, but let’s not make the mistake of assuming the above isn’t also a requirement of TV or film or essay writing or journalism. There is no default form of storytelling. 

I’ve been texting the word “murder” far too many times tonight I’m p sure the police is after me now

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Krad Lanrete <3 Marie Antoinette JSK

Bus interactions part 762

I sit down

"You look like a secretary"

"You look like a creeper" *moves*

mizbingley replied to your post: "Did you just throw on green last minu…

BABE. The green looks nice tho you look like a forest witch

<3___<3 bless u deanna

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